Jesus is an Inkblot

For Christians today, and many yesterday, Jesus is a Rorschach inkblot. Read into the Jesus of the Gospels what you will. You want to use homicidal violence and kill people in war, in revolution or in the electric chair, Rorschach Jesus is there as your transcendental justifier. You want to kill people in order to recapture Golgotha from Muslims, or to free the world of Jews who won’t convert to Christianity, Rorschach Jesus is available to support your endeavours. Indeed, there is no place that Rorschach Jesus cannot fit in. Christians can even be tearing each other to pieces and Rorschach Jesus will be there giving his moral support and divine assistance to all parties on all sides. If following Jesus’ teachings is not intrinsic to the call to discipleship, or if His teachings are erroneous, fanciful, unrealistic, or if non-violent love of friends and enemies is just a stupid idea for running a life or for running a Church, then Rorschach Jesus is the only Jesus there is.

Father Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

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