Stuart Henshaw is a husband and dad who is trying to wake up and understand the lazy slumber that he and many others in Western society have been engaged for many years and are trying to work out how this all happened and how to shake off its effect. His morning alarm was first raised when he was a student and become a follower of Jesus Christ. After a radical first few years, with many exciting stories and adventures, he noticed that he could hit the snooze button and in that way lived for a decade of so keeping well away from the edge.

He is now trying to wake up in all areas of life and has found real pleasure and joy in discovering the writing of others who have experienced a similar awakening and finds himself surprised by those who seem to want to stay fast asleep. His view on the church would best be described as; disillusioned by the institution but enchanted by its founder. His aim, is to try to follow the Founder. 

This blog will point to inspirational writers and thinkers and communities who are starting to make some sense of all this and as Gandhi encouraged us, to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’.


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